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Japan-based Hip hop artist Shnayhon Yoso helps us to get into the zone on ‘ニノアイ’ (Ninoai)

Displaying a classy style that gets you into the mood for a new discovery, Shnayhon Yoso is at his best on the latest single from this fast-growing musician via, ‘ニノアイ’ (Ninoai).

Shnayhon Yoso is a stylish Tokyo, Japan-based indie Hip hop artist who is known for his poetic flow and ever-impressive evolution that is inspired by modern Japanese and French literature.

He was 16 years old at that time, met Ryuuta Takaki and started production from that day. The unique linguistic sense and poetry are not bound by the linguistic character of Japanese, and freely depict scenes and emotions.” ~ Shnayhon Yoso

Showing such maturity and pacifying nature of intrigue to our awaiting ears, Shnayhon Yoso shows us that Asian Hip hop is on its way to the masses with a tremendous new single that shall help you regain that direction that has been missing lately in this confusing world.

ニノアイ(Ninoai) from Tokyo, Japan-based indie Hip hop artist Shnayhon Yoso, is a smoothly-rapped single that will take you above the clouds and away from all the doom and gloom. He shows us what is actually possible if you focus and put your mind into an elevated place that is away from all the noise that can cloud your judgement, as we sense that we are witnessing someone rather unique to the rest.

Sometimes it takes calm to really see what is actually possible.

Listen to something rather tranquil on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen