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Benny Holmes drops a classic-like release to get our attention with ‘Wordle’

After taking a break from the music scene to regain that inspiration again, Benny Holmes brings back that old school feel to a genre that changed his life on his latest single, ‘Wordle‘.

Benny Holmes is a Detroit-based Hip hop solo artist who recently decided to have more fun with his creations and has become known for releasing a raw track each Friday.

This year of Freestyle Friday has helped me practice taking time away from the mic and the keyboards in the basement. The way I used to stress over a song or a lyric being perfect, now I stress about leaving it imperfect so I can go hang out with the people in my life who mean the most to me.” ~ Benny Holmes

Created by his trusted producer Julien and featuring dribble-packed rapped Basketball references, this is an ode to the past and reminds us how this genre used to sound before it evolved into so many different directions. Benny Holmes seems to be in his element here, as he left his previous mindset in the dust and now makes tracks that fill him with so much joy instead.

Wordle‘ from Detroit-based Hip hop solo artist Benny Holmes, is a lyrically-charged display from a revitalized soul who is on a mission to make as much music as possible. There is an entertainer psyche on offer for us to truly admire, as his signature style has you thinking back to the classic days while he shreds the mic with impressive aplomb.

Get that old school beat in your face on Soundcloud and see what he gets up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen