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Touch You Slowly: Bahamian rapper Jaythexix likes the way that she dances on the lovers anthem ‘Moments’

Powered by indie label IslandMind Recordings and with his debut EP ‘Welcome To Jaloupa City‘ on the way shortly, Jaythexix saunters in smoothly with his second single all about making sure that she knows that he is different from the other guys on ‘Moments’.

Anjudde Parker aka Jaythexix, is a Freeport, Bahamas-born indie rapper/singer. He fuses together that sweet loving music vibration, which is that late-night candle-lit vibe, which involves lots of dancing and romance.

As he breezes swiftly into our awaiting speakers with a calming tone which captures your imagination briskly, this is a song to re-ignite your passion for leading you to the right place during the evening.

With affectionate lyrics that show his considerate side – the rapid bounce of this charm-filled track tells you that he is rather convincing – as she smiles gushingly and is transported into a different world that before, that has all previous troubles lifted into thin air.

Moments‘ from the Bahamian indie rapper Jaythexix, treats us to a confident artist who seems to know what she wants. This is the story of understanding that his new lover has been hurt before but he is that change which she needs, as you feel his intentions to make her feel special. With a Caribbean vibe to proceedings here, you feel the free-flowing energies holding you close, and this is a club track to get that dance floor grooving closely.

Those special moments are always the ones that you never forget after all.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen