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I Know You Need Lovin’: Acid City Nuns drops mind-bending 58 second single ‘That’s All You Get’

The Habit by Acid City Nuns

Sent from their mind-boggling 19-track album ‘The Habit‘, Acid City Nuns are quite sensational on their quick-fire new single which will have you feeling so soothed and somehow curiously fascinated at the same time called ‘That’s All You Get‘.

Acid City Nuns is a free-thinking indie soul act that makes a phenomenal form of music that is so meaningful and stacked full of creative love.

We do not conform to classes of society and are not held hostage by group-think. For the ardent proponents of absolutes, we represent disorder and immorality. We are free-thinkers and we are despised for our freedom of thought and independence from tethers of uniformity. We are not motivated by fear, avarice, or closed-minded sedation, and we do not bow to relics of humanity’s ancient bondage.” ~ Acid City Nuns

You feel their thoughtful minds are totally open and ready always to absorb information as they find it from trusted roots, sweeping away all of the absurdity that can bog down many. There is a landslide of application for us to take note of here which is filled within the verses that are so precise, about this rather ungracious world that we all dwell in.

That’s All You Get‘ from the open-minded Acid City Nuns, is an engaging single that takes you to a community that has your mind working overtime. There is a lot of simmering heat here that warms you up from the cold outside, which takes you to a new world that is rather impressive. The smooth vocals are such an ear-calming listen and mixed with such a ravishing beat, this is a memorable experience that will guide you to a striking place filled with that calmness we all deserve.

Hear this fine new single on Bandcamp and see more via the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen