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Virginia rapper Simppdoee knows that the streets are ugly on ‘Take Me Out’

As he steers us into the wild streets that can grab your soul undesirably and destroy it quickly if you let it, Simppdoee shreds the mic as he expresses that ravenous appetite to be different to the rest on ‘Take Me Out‘.

Simppdoee is a Fredericksburg, Virginia-based indie hip-hop solo artist who keeps his raps raw and writes sharply-penned lyrics that leads you into this vicious dog-eat-dog world that keeps him on his toes each day.

Slamming his name into the mix of our ever-growing mindsets with a high energy bars-filled exhibition, Simppdoee dusts off the haters and shows us that he is only looking to advance while others keep up their petty games. The beat shakes like a poisonous rattlesnake ready to bite too, as there are flows here that are packed with dangerous intent.

Take Me Out‘ from Fredericksburg, Virginia-based indie underground rapper Simppdoee, is a loaded track from an underrated artist who shows us his chops with a potent effort that might startle your speakers off its hinges. This is the story about keeping his mind alert as there are so many out there who are greedily waiting for him to fail, while he grits his teeth to keep his cool before things swing out of control.

Listen to this rugged new single on Spotify and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen