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Something In The Air: fred riko reflects on the lost love of significance on Julia

Taking us back to a memorable moment back in the past, fred riko sings with so much affectionate love and raw tenderness that will make the world a better place despite the lost love on Julia.

fred riko aka Spence the Guru is a Colorado, Virginia, and New York-based DIY indie folk jazzy pop singer-songwriter who is known for his much-loved performances at open mics and intimate events.

Fred has become a favorite at open mics, songwriter showcases, and busking where his playing, ear for harmony, and comfort with American music all combine to create a one-of-a-kind musical experience.” ~ fred riko

Stunning our enlightened speakers with something rather transcendent, fred riko holds our hands and takes us into a personal place in time. This is a calming blend of brilliance to shake off all past trauma, to move onto happier waters again.

Julia from the authentic much-respected fred riko is such a soothing song which will put shivers on many spines as the memories intertwine. There is such a kind energy on offer with some home truths, about a relationship which has many twists and turns, which ultimately turned for the worse when the winds shook one too many times.

Listen up on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen