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Paid The Price: Boston indie rock act StrangeColorSky show us brightly into those teenage dreams with ‘Freaks’

Returning with their first released music since 2019’s eight-track album ‘The Canterbury Tales‘, StrangeColorSky return from their enforced hiatus and look back at those sore eyes that have many regrets on their latest single called ‘Freaks‘.

StrangeColorSky is a four-piece Boston, USA-based indie rock band. They are fueled by Deep Eddy’s Lemon Vodka, and bring us a tasty blend of tantalizing ear-warming music which takes you to another planet entirely.

Their shoegazey, angsty, and at times dreamy music tackles the strangeness of growing up and navigating adulthood, love and loss, mental health, and more.” ~ StrangeColorSky

This is the story of having that striking surge all over your body as you realize what is actually happening – as you look up and just know – that you have taken things too far tonight. With a breathtaking delivery and a sensational soundscape which showcases their world class talent – you find yourself getting lost into their exquisitely effortless story – which has you shivering in excitement.

Freaks‘ from the excellent Boston-based four-piece indie rockers StrangeColorSky, is that haunting tale of waiting for the world to end when you are at your lowest. You had so much innocence before and that was taken from you after a while as you realized what the world was really like, as you lay back and let the moment take you inside reality. Sung with a gloriously talented vocalist and a terrific band who get the scrumptiously performed textures just right, this is a special single that reminds you of their immense quality which has been hidden away for too long.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more in their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen