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Wildb0y drops unifying message about finding the love again on ‘You Are All Beautiful’ (feat. Fraser Anderson)

Sizzling the airwaves with something supremely uplifting and highly memorable, Wildb0y shows us that the world can indeed be a better place for all on ‘You Are All Beautiful(feat. Fraser Anderson).

Tom Wilding aka Wildb0y is a passionate UK-based multi-instrumentalist, music producer and self-described synth obsessive artist who has moved into the solo world after making tracks for others for the past 20 years.

As a co-writer and producer, Wilding helped to launch the career of Number One artist Gabrielle Aplin, and has recorded and produced for Grammy-nominated Yola Carter and global superstars Melanie C and Shane Filan of Westlife.” ~ Wildb0y

Featuring the brilliant Bristol-based artist Fraser Anderson, this is an exhilarating first single release from Wildb0y that will rev up your engine as you get that body to slide like a new sports car on the open highway.

I’ve been dreaming this up a long time. It combines so much of what I love about music: technical challenge, creative exploration and emotional connection. For me, music is like medicine. It lifts me up in dark times and helps me feel connected. It reminds me that I am not alone. We all need that, now more than ever.” ~ Wildb0y

You Are All Beautiful(feat. Fraser Anderson) from the progressive house/techno artist and music producer Wildb0y, is a speaker-shaker that will send you into a smile-filled world. This is a bounce-heavy track that has been made with so much class, by an artist who has opened the door of the solo life and sounds highly invigorated beyond previous levels of fathomable expectation.

Hear this top club track on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen