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Losing Sight: Frannie B searches for the all-important meaning again with ‘Downfall’

After understandably letting the addictive forces of the internet control her for too long like so many, Frannie B emerges from the other side with a harrowing story that should serve as a wake-up call for us all on ‘Downfall‘.

Frannie Brown aka Frannie B, is an indie dark-pop/dance and RnB-fused PJ’s-loving singer-songwriter who truly sings from the heart. She makes that inspiring blend of memorable melodies that is real and from life experiences, in this controlled world which can suffocate you forever if you aren’t too careful.

This song was written during lockdown last year. It was recorded in Frannie’s bedroom and produced over Skype with Danish producer Mört.” ~ Frannie B

Her lusciously projected vocals are excellently laced with so much pureness you can’t help but support her message, with a likable beat that gets your moving graciously and thinking deeply about how much you consume online. The lyrics are thoughtfully written and with such insightful meaning – each sentence leads you deeper inside her mind – to see how she feels about this vitally important topic, that seem to have been unintentionally forgotten.

To me this song is about any form of addiction, including how damaging the internet is and how much young people (myself included) allow it to control almost every aspect of our lives. Addiction is an area that is attached to a lot of negative stigma but has really personally affected me so I hope this can help anyone struggling with it to feel less alone.”- Frannie B

Downfall‘ from the wonderful indie dance-pop artist Frannie B, is that stark reminder that one more swipe can really have you lose your true path, as you turn into an anxious zombie and worry about things you really shouldn’t. As social media and the internet has so many losing their soul just for some meaningless likes and follows, this is a striking message that needs to be heard far and wide. With so many impressionable eyes locked on their screens, there must be a better way to live and avoid getting sucked into a world that unfairly compares everyone.

Sung with a true care and love from someone who has lived the emotional journey, this is a catchy track to truly think about what content you absorb. Surely living life happily is about being outside in nature, with genuine human and animals, far away from our addictive phones.

Hear this fantastic new single on Spotify and see more news via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stuck In Your Mind: LOZENJA is back with love-torn electro-house gem ‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B)

With a breathlessly intoxicating energy that is highly exciting and packed full of warnings too, LOZENJA ups the tempo on his new track about how you can easily fall for the wrong person called ‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B).

Laurence Woods aka LOZENJA is a Farnham, UK-based electro-pop/lo-fi/house music producer, songwriter, DJ, harpist and also a podcast editor. He makes that deeply constructed music that soothes all parts of your mind and elevates you to a better place.

This is the story of a person who you care about that is telling you exactly what they are like deep inside and its not positive – but you keep on coming back anyways – as they are all that you want even though you should be looking elsewhere.

We are swimming in a tempting world of desire, as the electronic house creation is packed into soothing vocals from an angelic singer with an amazing tone. Mixed with a catchy beat that has you in a reflective mood, this is a quality new single.

‘Bad For You’ (feat. Frannie B) from Farnham, UK-based producer LOZENJA, is a dreamy soundscape from a talented team who have you thinking deeply about your next move, as you don’t want to be with the wrong person and get hurt again. The problem is that you crave the love that you probably shouldn’t, as all that’s awaiting for you is eventual heartbreak.

Stream the song on YouTube and check out the IG for more stories and news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen