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Lay Your Head Gently Down: Travis Cloer is there for his kids no matter what on ‘Standing Here’

Made with tender care and originally made to be a prayer for his young children, Travis Cloer reminds them all that if you are going through a tough time in life, he is here for that total support on ‘Standing Here‘.

Travis Cloer is an acclaimed stage performer, music director, proud father, and a multi-genre indie jazz, Americana and rock singer-songwriter. He is mostly known for playing Frankie Valli in the much-loved Jersey Boys, and is the longest-running actor ever with over 2000 shows, as this well-known lead character.

It was inspired as a prayer for my kids, but it carries a message that we could all use right about now. When things are tough, when you’re scared, when you feel you’re not enough, know that someone will always be standing here for you.” – Travis Cloer

With a world class vocal ability that shines over all darkness, you feel his strength as he holds onto his beliefs that nothing will stand the way of being there when needed. Each lyric is crystal clear like a real pro does it, he turns up the heat like a toasty hot water bottle, and keeps the temperature up the whole way through this terrific effort.

Standing Here‘ from the multi-talented actor, music director and singer Travis Cloer, shows us a positive energy that has been lacking lately. He sings with so much love to his young children, to show them that everything is going to be okay. This is a warm-feeling to all those who are a bit scared right now and need some support, to know that there are still happy stories in this rather gloomy world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen