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A Rare Sound: Brooklyn’s Frank Cogliano is quite excellent on ‘Pet Ghost’

Taken off his much-awaited 7-track debut EP called ‘CRT‘, Frank Cogliano gives us that nostalgic feeling to swim inside with the new single he skillfully recorded, produced and mixed all himself called ‘Pet Ghost‘.

Frank Cogliano is a Brooklyn, New York-based sonic manipulation wizard from another time completely in this weird galaxy of ours. He makes that type of sound for the soul to nourish on happily, that has you feeling somehow comfortingly relieved and intriguingly fascinated at the same time.

After being in acclaimed RnB supergroup Sugarbad, Frank is now bravely venturing out on his own and shows us a remarkable illusion-to-intertwine into here – filled with a smokey feel to light up with – that seems to grab you tight and have you remembering the good days.

Using vintage instruments and retro-glitchified tech, he creates a universe that sounds simultaneously familiar and as if it were made by aliens in the future.” ~ Frank Cogliano

Pet Ghost‘ from the high respected Brooklyn, New York-based composer and sonic specialist Frank Cogliano, is a quite tremendous effort which has you naturally closing your weary eyes and gravitating towards opening the door to contentment in your racing mind again. He seems to naturally possess a rare authentic ambiance you just don’t hear often, as he skillfully takes us away from all the doom and gloom.

Real music always seems to stir the heart you see.

Listen to his mind-bender on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen