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You remember those close moments: Secret Season are truly wonderful on ‘I Miss You’

Taken off their enthralling 7-track 5th album called ‘Closer‘, the mystical Secret Season return with a song that will make you reminisce named ‘I Miss You‘.

Secret Season are a fantastic husband and wife France-based Franco-American indie music duo, formed by Mark Moogalian and Isabelle Risacher. They somehow fuse alternative, blues, pop and rock, to a magnificent box of tasty treats, that nibbles sweetly at your senses and helps you deal with loss, lost love and memories you will always cherish.

After suffering severe injuries after bravely helping stop the 2015 Thalys train attack from getting worse, Mark has been slowly getting back to 100% after incredibly surviving from being shot in the back. The nerve damage in his left arm has been catastrophic for his career and the road long, but this is a fighter and he is almost back to full form, which is a testament to his love for music and the incredible support that Isabelle has provided throughout.

This is the sad story about how love fades sometimes and vanishes away from your heart. You enjoyed your real time together but things have ended and although you miss them so much, you know that things are over for a reason. You think of them often and miss your long walks but the path has closed and it’s time to find a new journey, to be at peace again.

They compliment each other so well and you can tell that they know each other’s next move, just like professional chess players. Their words intertwine and the lyrics are heartfelt with vocals that give your body shivers.

I Miss You‘ from fascinating Franco-American alt music duo Secret Season, brings you back to those classic mid-90’s days as they dazzle with marvelous melodies and hooks, that cuts your lip from biting it, as you get lost in their music.

Missing someone close is natural and the best way to move on is to remember the good times, take those moments to heal and to be graceful about the exit. Life gives us many unexpected detours and it’s up to us, to rise up when we have stumbled into the windy roads and get lost.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen