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Luccini Sweets feels like he’s floating into the stars right now on ‘Inner Stellar’ (feat. James Izcray)

Sensing that his ultimate glow is here and its time to just go with it no matter who thinks otherwise, Luccini Sweets shows us the rockstar light that shall take him into a new galaxy with the catchy new release, ‘Inner Stellar(feat. James Izcray).

Luccini Sweets is a Nantes, France-based indie RnB singer-songwriter, award-winning director and music producer who has Congolese heritage and started composing music when he was 13 years old.

Born to an artist family, his father was considered Africa’s most influential Vocalists and prolific songwriters. While he was clearly influenced by his family tastes, African Rumba, Jazz and Urban music from his brothers and sisters, Luccini imparted his obsession with 80’s pop music as well.” ~ Luccini Sweets

Inspired by 70s soul music, 90s trip hop, hip hop and RnB, Luccini Sweets sends us into another universe altogether that shall get your whole body feeling alive with positive anticipation, with a smooth performance backed with a fabulously divine beat.

He made his debut single, “Escalate,” that entered Belgian national radio JAM Radio’s Summer 2021 playlist.” ~ Luccini Sweets 

Inner Stellar(feat. James Izcray) from Nantes, France-based indie RnB singer-songwriter/director/music producer Luccini Sweets delves into his confident mindset to produce something rather extraordinary here than shall awaken your whole imagination. He seems to shed a ray of glorious sunshine on our spirits when we needed it most, to get us thinking that anything is actually possible when we look up into the sky and take action.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

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Sweden-based fairy folk artist extraordinaire Alba James sends us something rather special on ‘Tired’

After showing us where the stars are on her gorgeous single from late 2021 called ‘Moonchild‘, Alba James truly wonders if she was actually happy before on her irresistible new single, ‘Tired‘.

Alba James is a Sweden-based French indie-folk singer-songwriter who makes the kind of caring music that shall warm your soul.

I believe in fairies and find that there are never enough backing vocals in a song. When I grow up I want to live in a treehouse and play the ukulele all day.” ~ Alba James

Blessing our awaiting ears with another wonderfully authentic song that shows us her true beauty, Alba James reflects the feeling of the current world with another stunning effort that is certainly made from the heart. There is so much kindness and true love in this superb creation, that will put you into such a meditative mood of wonder.

Tired‘ from Sweden-based France-born indie-folk singer-songwriter Alba James is one of the most exquisite singles you might ever hear. She sings from the core and this is a message that wonders if she was actually in a cheerful state before, as she feels let down by someone who she thought wouldn’t disappoint as they did.

With her sweet vocals, this kind-hearted soul is so incredible on this reflective single, that might have you gazing outside and wondering if you will ever find that special human who completely delights your imagination forever.

Listen to this incredible single on Spotify and see more of her kind energy on IG.

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France-based Fran Ray reminds us to never forget the power of the people on ‘Mighty Hearts’

First written for her second studio album ‘Scarlett and Black’, Fran Ray opens up our eyes after her vivid dream that has changed her perspective for the better on the chain-breaking single, ‘Mighty Hearts‘.

Fran Ray is a France-based indie RnB artist whose vocals weave calmly into components of Folk, Jazz and that sweet Soul that has you clicking your fingers in joyous eruption.

Starting out as young as 16 in London Jam sessions and being a regular performer at The Jazz Café and 100 Club, Fran Ray now resides France and plays to packed rooms at various venues all over France.” ~ Fran Ray

Radiating only positive exuberance that converts your mood and might even cause you to turn your frown into a smile, Fran Ray is one of those special souls who sings from the heart and her honest vocals make you fall in love with this genuine energy. Showing us that we must never give up and join forces rather than drift apart during this vital time for humankind, this is exactly the type of message that is needed to bring a sense of unison to those who feel like all is lost.

Mighty Hearts‘ from the France-based indie singer-songwriter Fran Ray, is a single that can be played to and shall be loved by all ages. This is an inspirational story about holding hands so that we may all work better to make this beautiful world a much better place than it is today. With glorious vocals that have you turning the volume up and a groovy vibe that might have you trying out a cheeky dance move, this is a foot-tapping experience that will have you feeling so much hope again after so much darkness before.

Listen in to this lush new single on Spotify and see more stories via the IG music page.

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London’s Lys Davidson doesn’t want to be alone tonight on ‘For You’

Working alongside her sister Mathilde and trusted friend Mario Cortese on this wonderfully touching creation, Lys Davidson is quite extraordinary on a beautifully-sung single which is full of reflection about someone who you know you probably shouldn’t be with but stay intertwined nonetheless on ‘For You‘.

Lys Davidson is a multi-skilled Hertfordshire-born, London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter, fashion photographer, and music producer.

After spending 7 years of her childhood in France, you feel her cultured outlook shine through on this emotive single that is all about staying together with a soul who only seems into you when they have a drink in their hand.

I’ve always surrounded myself with various musical genres; from R&B to musical theatre.” ~ Lys Davidson

Sending us a captivating and daydream-filled story that will be so appropriate for many of us who have felt trapped and helpless in a relationship before, Lys Davidson is the type of musician you simply treasure due to her excellent lyrics and endearing voice that is so serene and truly is a highly worthwhile listen.

For You‘ from the London-based singer-songwriter and music producer Lys Davidson, is a stunningly honest soundtrack for anyone who feels ensnared in two places. You wish sometimes that you were in a different location with a lover who was there for you no matter what time it was, however, you don’t want to be alone so end up staying for now. Until your soul knows that it’s time to leave forever.

Hear this excellent new single on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want Chills: Gaby Duboisjoli returns with the memorable French/English single ‘J’veux des frissons’

Motivated by her parents’ career as cancan soloists at the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris, Gaby Duboisjoli is back with her superbly-created single that might take your breath away with its true beauty on display with ‘J’veux des frissons‘.

Gaby Duboisjoli is a multi-genre loving rural French village-born, London-based indie electro-pop solo artist and pianist who is always looking to evolve her musical compositions.

J’veux des frissons was commissioned by Litzic Music and is a poem written by Sylvie Helly set to music and performed by female indie artist Gaby Duboisjoli. it will be premiered live on 12 October as part of the Arts Council funded “Women Do South” festival in Clapham, London. The track was mastered by Joe Nevis, and speaks of missing the stage, the thrill of performing and the buzz of an audience.” ~ Gaby Duboisjoli

With her lusciously cultivated vocal proficiency that is quite bone-tingling at times, Gaby Duboisjoli is at her best on a well-constructed single which shows off her elevated mindset which is truly a wonderful listen.

J’veux des frissons‘ from the sensational London-based indie artist Gaby Duboisjoli, is a delightful experience that will have you closing your eyes and envisioning being with that special person who gives you the chills when you see them. Sung with a calming ambience that is such a pleasure to witness – this is the kind of track to put on loud after a long day as you soak gleefully in a hot bubble bath with the candles lit beside you – as it might cause you to feel a lot more relaxed than before, as you take your tired mind away from any stress in the world.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

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New Era: Saults return with much-awaited new single ‘Stuck in Old Fantasy’

After two years of silence musically while their close bond with real fans on social media only grew closer, Saults make their much-anticipated return with a catchy track all about being ‘Stuck in Old Fantasy‘.

Saults is a France-based indie Pop band who were formally living their dream in London before this horrific pandemic forced them back home.

The creative duo make an electric blend of music vibrations made with love to entertain all listeners, as they add in a fresh sprinkle of Funk and Rock to excite us all.

Produced by Jack Wilson, you feel that this is the start of something special for the Sault’s brothers. Sung with a marvelously buoyant pureness and featuring their signature funky style – that has you joyously clicking your fingers and winking cheekily at your giggling crush – there is much to love here about a song that has us feeling so much happier than before.

Stuck in Old Fantasy‘ from the France-based indie Pop three-piece brother act Saults, is a don’t-waste-your-time gem about trying to move on. Performed with a reinvigorated edge from a band who have clearly missed releasing music to their old and new fans. there is a crisp taste here that feels so deliciously good.

Check out this epic new track on Spotify and see more news about this quick-rising band on IG.

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Every Night I Come To You: Fabulously genuine French folk singer-songwriter Alba James heads to the stars on the beautifully authentic ‘Moonchild’

As she links hands with her true love and beams a smile so delightful you will never forget its undeniable elegance, Alba James lovingly looks up to see the sparkling sky above that can guide us to those special places we surely need to visit on ‘Moonchild‘.

Alba James is a France-born, Sweden-based indie folk artist with a sweet heart and an exquisite voice that will help you heal from all the worries in the world.

Here, between the endless forests and the silent snow falling, I write songs with my ukulele and my tiny heart.” ~ Alba James

With a crisply kind and dreamy fairy-like ambiance nostalgically echoing from all corners, there is so much to love here from the wonderful Alba James. She leads us onto the right path and organically tells us the story about taking a step back, to let the incredible universe show you the way. Letting those remarkable constellations take you to places you only dreamed of before, is the only way to truly find that inner peace after all.

Moonchild‘ from the Sweden-based indie folk solo singer-songwriter Alba James, is an angelic gem sent to help us heal from all the toxic air around so that we may breathe properly again. She sings with a deliciously pure blend of succulent edibles for us to nibble on gently, whilst we are taking a stroll into nature again. This is that perfectly-timed calming type of music vibration we all needed, after feeling so anxious lately from all the worlds events.

The universe can be so simple and majestically beautiful, if you just let your mind wonder.

Hear this gorgeously wrapped single on Spotify and see her peaceful life on IG.

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When They Sing: Hélène Renaut reminds us that dreams do exist on ‘Summer Love’

As she attentively sings with breathtaking intimacy that blends so much beautiful air away from a rather foggy world with so much unfortunate pollution, Hélène Renaut reminds us that those soul-healing moments are there to be remembered if you know where to look on ‘Summer Love‘.

Hélène Renaut is an angelic indie-folk singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer and classically trained violinist who was born in peaceful Brittany in France, who now calls Los Angeles, California her home.

Poems, music, love and a lot of tea.” ~ Hélène Renaut

She is a true nature lover who sings freely with that blossoming care and real love that so many wish they had for breakfast each day. Each note performed is a calming ambiance that covers your mood from the gusting winds outside your threatened door, so that only kind thoughts and hospitable tranquilly may be forever restored into its rightful place.

This is the more-than-ideal lead single for her just-released album ‘The Bells of Freedom‘, and we are blessed with a real calming wind of wonder from an artist who seem to posses such natural grace. This is the heart-beating message that many think is still possible – as you wish to the trees outside that your dreams may all come true – with that special soul who shall arrive rather unexpectedly.

Summer Love‘ from the gracious Los Angeles-born, French folk singer-songwriter extraordinaire Hélène Renaut, is one of the most soothing songs you will hear all year. Her dreamy vocals puts you into a much happier place than before, as the 60’s influenced baroque pop mixed with pure folk-filled treats, has you smiling from ear to ear. Life can be so simple after all, if you keep your thoughts in the right place.

Hear her peacefully beautiful new single on Spotify and follow her journey on IG.

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Finding The Path: Keeper Lo bravely sees the light again after much darkness on ‘Venus’

Taken off his much-anticipated ten-track ‘Moly‘ album, Keeper Lo takes us to a new place of renewed vision for our souls to learn from on the superb ‘Venus‘.

Keeper Lo is an electric Chambéry, France-based glitch-electronic producer. He smartly webs a vividly inviting style of music which has your body twitching with utter delight.

You quickly feel a sense of thrillingly emphatic euphoria whilst your eardrums shudder in anticipation — the vocals and busy beat stretches your mind like a rubber band — each second shows you where the key is hiding, so you may find yourself away from where you are locked in currently.

At the age of 8 years old, I was living in Lyon, France, with my father. He used to play on loop an old CD compiling the best tracks of the early 2000’s House Music.” – Keeper Lo

This is a song that catches you slightly unawares, the stunning dreamy texture feels distinctively like you are dipping yourself in a refreshing waterfall, after a long hot and sticky day. Each moment in this almost unbelievable state has you feel re-energized to be better and to open the window, to climb out of the undesirable cold and dark corner of gloom.

Venus‘ from the French glitch-electronic producer Keeper Lo, has your racing thoughts up above high, as you speed happily through a track of disbelief with the skill-level of this young artist easy to hear. He looks up where others look down — as he takes us for a galaxy-hopping journey in his reflecting spacecraft — that has you feeling like you are definitely on another planet.

Seeing that bright light in your eyes again, is certainly a feeling you never want to forget.

Hear this striking audio link on YouTube and see the social story on IG.

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You remember those close moments: Secret Season are truly wonderful on ‘I Miss You’

Taken off their enthralling 7-track 5th album called ‘Closer‘, the mystical Secret Season return with a song that will make you reminisce named ‘I Miss You‘.

Secret Season are a fantastic husband and wife France-based Franco-American indie music duo, formed by Mark Moogalian and Isabelle Risacher. They somehow fuse alternative, blues, pop and rock, to a magnificent box of tasty treats, that nibbles sweetly at your senses and helps you deal with loss, lost love and memories you will always cherish.

After suffering severe injuries after bravely helping stop the 2015 Thalys train attack from getting worse, Mark has been slowly getting back to 100% after incredibly surviving from being shot in the back. The nerve damage in his left arm has been catastrophic for his career and the road long, but this is a fighter and he is almost back to full form, which is a testament to his love for music and the incredible support that Isabelle has provided throughout.

This is the sad story about how love fades sometimes and vanishes away from your heart. You enjoyed your real time together but things have ended and although you miss them so much, you know that things are over for a reason. You think of them often and miss your long walks but the path has closed and it’s time to find a new journey, to be at peace again.

They compliment each other so well and you can tell that they know each other’s next move, just like professional chess players. Their words intertwine and the lyrics are heartfelt with vocals that give your body shivers.

I Miss You‘ from fascinating Franco-American alt music duo Secret Season, brings you back to those classic mid-90’s days as they dazzle with marvelous melodies and hooks, that cuts your lip from biting it, as you get lost in their music.

Missing someone close is natural and the best way to move on is to remember the good times, take those moments to heal and to be graceful about the exit. Life gives us many unexpected detours and it’s up to us, to rise up when we have stumbled into the windy roads and get lost.

Stream this wonderfully serene single on Spotify and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen