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East London artist SmoothVee strides through stylishly with real ”Surviving”

Directed brilliantly by FourtyFourFilms, this is the brand new music video from the soulful and consciously self-aware UK emcee SmoothVee¬†titled ”Surviving”.

We are taken a local gig where the crowd are loving this quality performer. This is the start of the video and I am hooked already. I feel the locals energy and this is the kind of buzz I was hoping for. Then we are led through to SmoothVee’s local hometown and with added flashbacks of the live performance.

We are all surviving. Life is tough right now but we must push on with true friends is the message.

Founder of Label Capital Citizens Records, this is an impressive release and further establishes SmoothVee as one of the best in the UK Hip Hop game. What I like the most about this video is that he is in touch with his community. So often you see musicians get a bit of fame and then change their whole style to fit into whatever current trend is popular. SmoothVee is a man of the people. The streets raised him and he is proud of where he is from. This is a message that is real and genuine. Take note kids.

Stream this new music video right now via YouTube.

For more music news I’d suggest heading to his Facebook page so you can find out gig news and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen