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I Promise You Won’t Hear From Me: Gabriel Munoz leaves the drama with the front door keys on ‘Sayonara’

After a short hiatus following the success of his first four-track EP that sparked his career into the lights of the willing skyline named ‘Dynamite‘, Gabriel Munoz makes his return in a hugely memorable way with a song that will have you reflecting on when you knew it was time to leave on ‘Sayonara‘.

Gabriel Munoz is a spirited Los Angeles, California-born and bred native, who makes that flirty music which has you smiling and suddenly full of electric energy soaked happily into your enthusiastic veins.

This is the relatable story of dealing with a breakup, as you grew so tired of the constant games and stresses in a relationship that should be so simple. It came to a head and eventually the brakes broke, as you jumped out quick and got as far as you could away from their toxic energies, that were causing you sleepless nights. The time to find a new love is here.

He sings with such a high-spirited tone that is so captivating and you can’t help but drawn into his smoothly delivered voice, that has you so uplifted into the air of freedom once again.

Sayonara‘ from the sprightly LA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Gabriel Munoz, has us feeling firmly fresh again after dealing with that all that unnecessary drama-warped world of totally nonsense. This is the song to play real loud when you are ready to move on, as you know that thinking too much about the past will only leave you in a bad place.

Walking out with a smile on your face and throwing the keys on the table whilst dropping the mic on departure, is the best way to getting that upgrade for your soul.

Hear this goodbye single on Spotify and see more news via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Moons Align: Creatrix Bassaco calms our busy minds expertly with ‘Wanewata’ EP

As her astounding water angel spirit takes us deep underwater to carefully feed our starving soul after much starvation and hurtful distress, the stunning Creatrix Bassaco seems to cure all on her awe-inspiring new four-track EP ‘Wanewata‘.

Creatrix Bassaco is a tremendously talented vocalist and music producer who is a Creative Priestess of Ivorian ancestry. She skillfully fuses lovely West African-inspired percussive rhythms and French spoken word gracefully all over this special single, to make our shuddering hearts feel so loved and cared for again.

This is a wonderful source of much-needed restoration and healing for us all. The energy felt in this dreamy release is so inviting, soulful and rather obscure — as its overall impact has your mind massaged by a mysteriously elegant and creative woman — who weaves a web of love all over your tired body.

The textured beats are all varied, with a scrumptious flow that has you imagining you are swimming underwater in the beautifully clean ocean — with vivid colors all over the place — as you bend your mind to the endless possibilities. The lovely crisp  alignment has your neck and back suddenly feeling in shape again — as you see her kind face and knowing smile — urging you to have faith in nature again.

Wanewata‘ from the fascinating talent of Creatrix Bassaco, leads us kindly into an entrancing world of the beautiful waters below, that have all the answers we need. This is that true music which snaps your curious mind away from all meaningless distractions, as she sweetly lathers our consciousness into place with an EP that has come at exactly the right time. Great music like this, really does heal up all hurtful scars and undesirable anxiousness.

Hear this intriguing EP on Spotify and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Seen Too Much: J-money is only waiting for the special one on ‘Fall in Love’

Taken off his latest four-track EP called ‘Love Songs For Life‘, J-money returns with a true single about how something so important can escape you for too long, even though you wish it would happen called ‘Fall in Love‘.

Jahsaan Goode aka J-money is a groovy Bay Area-based artist who cleverly fuses in music that speaks about his deepest fears and dreams, while making it in a way that has you singing along.

You hear his imagination run wild as he wants to be with her so bad, however he isn’t going to commit until he knows that this is something legit, that has that core love which will be hard to break.

He sings and raps with that real street lesson style, that shows his smarts for avoiding being messed around again, his eyes are strikingly real as he leads us into a world where trust is earned, not given.

Fall in Love‘ from Bay area singer-rapper J-money, is a summer anthem that has you moving your body around as you desire that close contact emotional stability, but at the same time you are not going to accept anything less than your ideal woman. Settling for less, just isn’t an option.

Immerse yourself into his story with the love track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time To Reflect: Verona composer Stefano Freddi shares emotional stories on piano-filled new single ‘Five Notes Symphony the Murderer’s Tale’

The first of four singles to be released by Verona-based Classical Pianist Stefano Freddi, ‘Five Notes Symphony the Murderer’s Tale‘ is a stunning listen that will enthrall you and help calm the mind from the current choppy waters, that are splashing ferociously all over our tired hearts at the moment.

Stefano Freddi is an incredibly talented Italian composer, who has been filling his intrinsic need for meaningful creation since he was just six years old. He delights us all with stunning instrumental wonderland that shows us his appreciation for many genres and soundscapes from all over the globe, as he always looks to push himself and learn beyond what is thought possible.

As part of an exciting four-track EP, this new single is all about taking inspiration from The Canterbury Tales, as the idea here is to share a message, warning or a moral. The need for reflection in these unprecedented times is of the utmost importance, so we may regain calm and make the correct decisions going forward.

You feel all his passion here and he sets the stage for this wonderfully crafted track that wipes away the pain of the world, but has you feeling a bit introspective from all that is currently happening around us.

‘Five Notes Symphony the Murderer’s Tale’ from Classical Pianist Stefano Freddi, is a journey through so many emotions as you feel the sense of pride in his work, and drift away peacefully into a new mental place that has you thinking more relaxed thoughts than before. This is a marvelous piece of work that will seep into your veins and have you in a different mindset.

Stream this new single on Spotify, YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen