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London indietronica artist Lily Juniper is anxiously auspicious in her narratively dreamy single, All Mine

After a successful debut in 2022, Lily Juniper enriched the London indie electronica scene with her dreamily dance-leaning sophomore single, All Mine.

The ethereally warm vocals inject as much soul into the production as the softly tensile looped progressions as they wrap the vibrant texture around the affectionately uncertain lyrics, which project the compulsion to solidify a relationship when it is in its early stages of romantic hesitation.

We’ve all been there, not wanting to go all in for fear our vulnerability will lead to our greatest fears. But there’s nothing bittersweet as this Four Tet and James Blake-ESQUE soundscape. All Mine is as rich as Musk in its artful beguile, making the deeply evocative context of romantically anxious edge all the more intoxicating while the indietronica poetry in motion is auspiciously unravelling.

Lily Juniper said:

“All Mine is a song about new love and the nervous energy that it brings, about seeing someone you like at a party and then going home alone, about overthinking everything you said and did, reading into every word and look. All of the best (and worst) moments that humans can experience.”

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Review by Amelia Vandergast