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Choosing to be the bigger person: Estella Dawn finds her peace after being placed under a treacherous spell on ‘Petty’

Estella Dawn returns with an honest story about how sometimes supposed friends turn out to be slithering snakes on her first single for 2021 called ‘Petty‘.

With a pleasurable fusion of pure pop, neo soul and rock music all packed tastefully into her signature exhilarating style; New Zealand-born, Colorado, USA-based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Estella Dawn is on top form once again with a sincerely performed song, that will be extremely relevant for so many of us who have dealt with fake former-friends in the past.

She sings with such grace and elegance as each word is eloquently delivered as she sparkles so brightly. Her sublime tone grabs your anxious heart and your body shivers readily with excitement, as you know deep inside you are listening to a special talent that has spent many years perfecting her chosen craft.

This is the true life story of knowing that the person you are with is actually sickeningly selfish and this is a tough position to be in, as subconsciously you know they will throw you away- but you hang on anyway as they have a powerful blanket wrapped over you. Its only when their spell wears off do you then realize that they are a poisonous snake and you should be blessed that you are cured again, by being as far away as possible from them.

Petty‘ from the outstanding Colorado-based Kiwi musician Estella Dawn is a song you close your eyes to, as you grit your teeth tightly and remember when you were used by a supposed friend. You vow to yourself that it will never happen again and smile to yourself while shaking your head, as you recall how they had you under their spell for so long.

You will sometimes have moments in life where someone around you has the power to move you as they please but the great thing is once you know what to look for, it will never happen again. Being the biggest person is always the best way to go as deep inside- being petty only lowers you to their sad level.

Hear this quality musician at her best on Spotify and see her journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen