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The anonymous electronica collective, Formanteau, detonated a bomb of colorful euphoria in their debut single, In Your Hands

In Your Hands is the debut mellifluously melodic feat of electronica from the collective, Formanteau, headed by a veteran underground music producer who has appeared in multiple film and TV credits for his compositions.

There is something incredibly reassuring about an anonymous electronica collective running in the same vein as 21st-century enigmas, such as Gorillaz and Sault. There is the immediate affirmation that the motivation behind the electro momentum is in no way egotized, and that is exactly how In Your Hand sweetly runs through.

The innocence in the reprise of “my life is only in your hands” made an unforgettable production out of the colourfully euphoric release that runs at the perfect tempo to leave you as invigorated as mellowed.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast