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Infinity Dragon pushes the boundaries of music with genre-defying ‘Santa Monica’

Infinity Dragon pushes the boundaries of music with genre-defying ‘Santa Monica‘ and this is a song to listen to again and again. It is that good.

Taken off the exciting new full album ‘2Wild‘, Infinity Dragon are in freakishly flourishing form here that ferments so nicely all over your body. When your music influences are Hip Hop, Rock and you love Sade, Imogen Heap, Michael Jackson, and Prince, you get the feel for this original artist. The vocals seep into your brain and you get the feeling that you are perhaps witnessing something special. You are right. You are being exposed to greatness.

This is a song that morphs so many genres into one and the mystical mesh is like a perfectly made BBQ. The taste is so good and the smiles lasts for days.

With a freaky fresh beat that kicks down the doors with aplomb, this is that type of song that you rarely hear these days. This is a punishing effort, full of form and flair from Infinity Dragon¬†on ‘Santa Monica‘.

This is about pushing the genres and making music that catches your breath off guard. A song to remember here, this is what 2020 is all about- doing things you thought you would never do.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen