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Forever Young

May Your Wishes All Come True: The Wander Kind reminds us what true kindness is with ‘Forever Young’ (Bob Dylan cover) (feat. Dena Mex)

Bringing us a well-made new version of a real classic that we all treasure in our deepest souls, The Wander Kind lead us kindly into a better world beyond the current norm on ‘Forever Young(Bob Dylan cover) (feat. Dena Mex).

The Wander Kind is a much-liked 3-piece indie-folk group that offers us a peaceful blend of loveable music creations that has a vintage feel you can sense all over your enthralled body.

The name Wander Kind comes from the idea of exploring – whether that is music, new experiences or ourselves.” ~ The Wander Kind

The Wander Kind are so calming on this pleasant new single that seems to wash away all the previous pain and put your whole consciousness into a much better place than before. The aura is so spirit-boosting and the vocal experience is a lovely listen, with a sound that has you smiling broadly.

Forever Young(Bob Dylan cover) (feat. Dena Mex) from the soulfully enjoyable 3-piece indie-folk group The Wander Kind, is a sweet single that shows us how the world should be. Looking out for others and wishing that peace and love may prevail, is such a sincere reminder that it isn’t all about ourselves. Staying real and kindhearted is the best way to truly be happy after all.

See this brand new video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen