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Forever is Finite

Kailey Tenn constructed euphonic comfort with the introspective gold in her latest single, Happier

People who thoughtlessly bound around the word forever may want to think twice about their choice of verbiage after exposing themselves to the glistening-with-introspective-gold debut EP, Forever is Finite, from the Long Island singer-songwriter and producer Kailey Tenn.

The standout single, Happier, takes classic piano pop ballad stylings and reinvents them through intimately subversive poetic lyricality, which bolsters in poignancy to the tune of the rock-infused crescendos and orchestral motifs that elevate the soundscape to the celestial nth degree.

The 23-year-old artist hasn’t failed to establish herself as one to watch by being one of the rare songwriters with the capacity to create resonance through her soul-stirring melodies and narratively beguiling lyrics that construct mirrors for her audience to see themselves within.

Happier is the ultimate testament to her talents for the way it reminds you that the dream of reaching an idealised state of happiness will only set you up for failure; strive to be happier than you were yesterday instead.

Check out Kailey Tenn’s debut EP, Forever is Finite, on all major platforms via this link.


Review by Amelia Vandergast