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Pretend For You: Wigan native Joe Stan brings us a real anthem to sing with on ‘For You – Prototype’

Acquainting us with a proper track full of sensual lipstick stains that gives your beating heart a little boost in the love department, Joe Stan knows that they might not make much sense as an item but he is keen to try anyways on his marvellous debut track called ‘For You – Prototype‘.

Joe Stan is a Liverpool, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and University student who started his fledgling career gigging around his cosy hometown of Wigan when he was just 16.

Taking influence from artists such as Declan McKenna, Rex Orange County and Sam Fender, “For You – Prototype” is Joe’s first full-band production, brought to life at The Motor Museum by producer Bob Mackenzie.” ~ Joe Stan

There is so much to cherish about an extremely promising singer-songwriter like Liverpool’s Joe Stan, who seems to boldly grab the mic with such conviction and brings us a piece of true encouragement on his hot debut track ‘For You – Prototype‘.

This track is about desperation, chasing someone, but trying to look cool about it. That you are willing to change yourself to get them, “tell me your type and I’ll be it”. But also trying to look like you don’t care if they take you, or leave you. The new track doesn’t necessarily fit into a genre, there’s not much out there like it, Indie bedroom vibes is how I would explain it.” ~ Joe Stan

For You – Prototype‘ from Liverpool, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Joe Stan, is that try-to-impress-the-girl track when you have your eyes set on a special individual. You are doing your best to stay chilled but your love interest definitely knows the keenness level, as we hear a fantastic young artist who is clearly on the way upwards. Joe sings with tremendous energy that you are only born with, as his relatable lyrics brings us a sense of hope in a seemingly romantically barren world.

Listen to his new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen