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[VIDEO REVIEW] FONZO sets an aspirational example with ‘POWER OF YOUR MIND’.

There has been plenty of anticipation for activist and hip hop artist FONZO’s sophomore single after his debut single, ‘For the Kids’, dropped in 2020 as part of his ‘No More Kids in Cages’ campaign.

He hasn’t forgotten his social responsibility in his latest single, POWER OF YOUR MIND – quite the opposite. This time, he’s offering the listener the power to free themselves through a mix of lyricism grounded in reality and galvanising hip hop beats, produced by Yung Ricc, that throwback to the roots of old school hip hop while injecting a fair amount of adrenaline into them. The artist’s love of old school funk found its way into the affably fiery release, yet, POWER OF YOUR MIND lacks none of the conviction of hard-hitting hustler hip hop.

From sending warnings about fake friends to finding clever ways to reminding the listener that progress is made one step at a time, you’ll quickly recognise that FONZO is an artist worth listening to.

The official video encapsulates everything that FONZO is about, it hammers home the importance of community and mentorship; there’s little in use of self-improvement if you’re not prepared to share your wisdom and positive energy; once you start sharing it, you’ll see how infectious it is.

POWER OF YOUR MIND is the second single released from FONZO’s debut album High Gravity; keep him on your radar for when it drops via Facebook.

The official video for POWER OF YOUR MIND released on March 26th. You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Connect with FONZO via Facebook and Instagram

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Social activist and hip hop artist FONZO will show you the Power of Your Mind with his second single.

Last year, Tracy California-hailing artist and social activist FONZO dropped their debut single, ‘For the Kids’ and introduced the world to his socially aware approach to hip hop. Their sophomore single, The Power of Your Mind’, created in collaboration with Yung Ricc, is the second hit of FONZO’s infectiously upraising style, and the timing couldn’t be better.

As the mainstream media sells us depression and hate breeds on social media, Power of Your Mind switches the narrative and acts as a powerful mindful reminder that dreams only come true if you follow them. The simple message is made all the more convincing by the energising beats which blast beneath FONZO’s forcefully friendly bars.

Many artists attempt high vibe music only to end up selling themselves as wolves in sheep’s clothing but there is an empowering sincerity in Power of Your Mind, assuring you that FONZO followed the advice he offers in the anthemic mix.

Power of Your Mind is the second single released from FONZO’s upcoming debut album, ‘High Gravity’; any fans of 2Pac, Eminem and Ice Cube will want FONZO on their radar before it drops.

Power of Your Mind is available to stream via Spotify. You can check out FONZO’s debut single and connect with the artist via Facebook and Instagram

Watch the official trailer to the video:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

#NOMOREKIDSINCAGES: Fonzo shows true courage with ‘For The Kids’ which is an important message about basic human rights

#NOMOREKIDSINCAGES: Fonzo shows true courage with ‘For The Kids‘. This is an important message about basic human rights that has turned into a fast-growing movement and is gaining more and more traction each hour.

Rapper and Activist Fonzo is using his voice and following to speak up about the shocking treatment that goes on behind closed doors while kids are in the ‘care’ of US Customs Custody. Too many lives have been needlessly lost and something has to change.

For the Kids‘ is from the upcoming album ‘High Gravity‘ and is a song that you need to hear again and again to support this great cause.

Fonzo has been organizing marches to help spread the word and ‘For The Kids‘ is a song that we can all get behind. The raps are heard with so much passion and you can see and feel the support for change. This is a song that is more about music, this is real life and is so admirable and inspirational. If we work together, we can do anything we set our minds to.

Click here for the YouTube page to see this important video.

Head through to the Facebook page for more info on this immense cause.

Get your merch here to support more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen