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Cornwall’s Megan Forrest desires that hot romance with her dreamy lover on ‘Flame’

As she looks profoundly into the shining eyes of that kind soul who sends her beating heart into unforeseen levels of excitement, Megan Forrest feels that when they are close and holding hands, there is no other place she wants to be on ‘Flame‘.

Megan Forrest is a 22-year-old Cornwall, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who was in the performing arts world and was known as a member of the local band, Montarra.

In 2018, Megan went to BIMM university in Bristol where she studied music further and, before the pandemic, performed some acoustic gigs in Bristol.” ~ Megan Forrest

Showing us her marvellous promise as a UK pop artist to truly welcome with a wave, Megan Forrest sings with so much elegance and lead us into this love story about that mysterious soul who makes her do things she normally wouldn’t do with anyone else in the world. This is a quality musician who flourishes here, with her gorgeously innocent vocals that might have you shaking with joy.

Flame‘ from Cornwall, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and model Megan Forrest, is an I-just-want-to-know-you message to that special soul who lacks conversation but makes up for it with that cheeky energy that has her desiring their lips to be interlocked all night. Sung with dynamic energy that will have you turning the fan on, this is a sizzling single that is all about wishing that you could be together no matter what the differences.

Listen in to this lovely new track on Spotify and check out her socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Italian singer-songwriter, Flame set souls alight with her soulfully-composed, orchestrally-scored single, Anyway.

‘Anyway’ is the latest orchestrally scored single from the Italian singer-songwriter, Flame. With a vocal timbre that more than justifies Flame being put in the same league as Amy Winehouse and the stunning instrumentals that bring a cinematic edge to the release, you’re left with little option when it comes to surrendering to the artistic intensity. It is enough to make Adele sound pedestrian.

Anyway unravels as a candid open letter to the sorrow imparted through torrid passion; it runs through relatable and witty notions that are rarely voiced, but Flame’s boldness lends itself to her sonic style as much as her lyricism.

The official video for Anyway premiered on November 26th; you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Miles Blue Spruce: Progressing Forward With Sounds Of The Past

Be courageous. Be honest. Be compassionate. Be Talented. Most importantly be yourself. This has to be Miles Blue Spruce’s mantra, his passion for music exudes in every aspect of his journey. In another era; he would have been an endearing but soulful – rock front man at least twenty years his senior. Lucky for us, he wasn’t and we can enjoy the powerhouse singer, amazing showman, and incredible musician who’s also a pretty amazing audio engineer.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to an original piece entitled, “Flame,” in the musical realm Miles may have succeeded where others have failed, in authenticity. “Flame,” is a beautifully written contemporary rock that brings to mind passion, love and unrelenting passion. The song opens with some exceptional guitar riffs, dynamic tones, and it even utilizes some classic rock chords, patterns, and traditional tempos. The exceptional vocal melodies provide accessible and dynamic tones as it builds at full length in intensity and energy. There’s a slight stream of consciousness in the lyrical delivery which only enhances the classic feel.

Miles’ voice, although light and crisp provides such an intense trance that seems to seamlessly pull you in with just the right amount of riffs and adlibs. Production and arrangement wise this song although similar in quality is slightly above what you may be used to with indie artist. It’s crisp, very clear, there’s no oversaturation of reverb, there’s no unnecessary enhancements to the vocal patterns only pure artistry. The song keeps a basic arrangement through several distinct sections with only some fine adjustments to the bass line and slight additions of a few blues infused chords joining the ever-present classic guitar. This piece has been perfectly molded into a well-orchestrated symphony of diversity. Its classic, it’s modern, it’s soulful, it’s harmonious, it’s authentic, it art, in short, its music. Although the piece is classified as; “rock,” the rich vocal presence coupled with the dulcet driven guitar easily provides this song with a mass crossover appeal.

“Flame,” incorporates elements of alternative rock, blues, and even a slight hint of country while remaining rooted deeply in originality. If this song is at all a hint of what’s to come from Miles Blue Spruce, then I expect to hear quality music for years to come.