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Youthful UK artist Lucien Daniels prays that they come right on ‘Feels Like’

Hoping that the actions shall speak so much more vociferously than the empty words that could be broken easily like a piece of glass, Lucien Daniels shows us profound emotions that have been wishful for a happy ending with his latest release, ‘Feels Like‘.

Lucien Lepage aka Lucien Daniels is a UK-based indie Hip hop/RnB/pop singer and rapper who is on a mission to be known all over the world and make inspiring music.

Lucien Daniels has been writing music since the age of 7 and has been taking it seriously ever since 11. He is a naturally creative person that succeeds in everything that is necessary for him to move to the next level.” ~ Lucien Daniels

Lucien Daniels sings for the moment and guides his current lover into a better place, where they can reconnect again without any drama. Projecting his grind mentality to us all, this is a promising single from an emerging artist who has that obvious hunger strewn all over his consciousness.

Feels Like‘ from UK-based indie Hip hop/RnB/pop singer and rapper Lucien Daniels¬†is an emotional single that shows us a growing perspective from a fresh artist who has that extra desire that you are only born with. His refined vocals cut right through the picture and take us into a moment that could change everything – with deep lyrics that slice deftly into your mind – if you have dealt with a pressing moment that could determine your relationship forever.

Hear the audio of this new single on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen