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Had To Take a Risk: Babiislatt x Mr Scotty gets its done on Feel

Showing us that live-fast life that can take many into a vicious vortex inside a miscalculated parallel universe of conceivable doom, Babiislatt x Mr Scotty has created a street gem for anyone who wanted to see what it looked like on Feel.

Babiislatt aka Tyshawn Mcfadden is a Rochester, New York-based indie rapper who is joined by Mr Scotty on this smoke-filled new track.

Bringing the heat and some striking commentary, Babiislatt and Mr Scotty slice down all apprehensions and delve deeper into the mindset needed to survive the bad times when the chips are down. This is the kind of song to make many underground fans take note of, due to its raw aspect and original-sounding narrative.

Feel from Rochester, New York-based indie rapper Babiislatt x Mr Scotty is a lit track to blaze the hours away with when the crew are around. This is an eye-opening single which shows us the life right now for so many, who are looking for a proper hero to find in these dusty streets.

Check out this new video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Voices In My Head: Yasmine Gill is quite exceptional as she looks for that light again on ‘Feel’

Carefully encapsulating our frigid consciousness with something warm and genuine, Yasmine Gill leads us into the first of her new singles taken from her upcoming 4-track EP with a story that will strike home to many with ‘Feel‘.

Yasmine Gill is a sensationally gifted Italian-Canadian soul/jazz solo artist and pianist based in thriving London who sings with a rare quality that you will find incomprehensible to ever forget.

”’Feel’ is about losing the senses, such as touch, sight, and sound, at a very low point in life. A place that can often seem insurmountable.” ~ Yasmine Gill

Vocally and lyrically, there is so much to love about Yasmine Gill¬†as her sensually classy air of innocence takes your tired mind away from all worries. This is an anthem that so many of us can truly relate to, as she shows us how it’s so easy to lose yourself in this overly-stimulated universe.

Feel‘ from the superb London, UK-based Italian-Canadian soul/jazz singer-songwriter and pianist Yasmine Gill is one of the best tracks yet of 2022. This is an artist who was previously on the floor as the world weighed her down so much it felt like a mountain was pushing her towards defeat. After looking deeper within herself and gritting her teeth to stand up tall again, she sings her way out of the previous world and into a brighter day with endless possibilities.

When you feel like everything is lost, music heals you into that path you want to be on after all.

Listen in as she shakes your soul awake on Spotify and gain a sense of her mesmerizing energy via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen