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Grand Nights descended with his demons in the orchestral pop-rock masterpiece, Falling

Render your heartstrings raw with the latest single, Falling, from the alt-pop evocateur, Grand Nights. The orchestral pop-rock outpour of artfully uninhibited emotion takes you on a cinematic cruise through the kind of introspection that only dares to visit you in the dead of night; hang onto the ornately atmospheric nostalgia tight as you’re driven through the 80s and 90s via a route never taken.

After cutting his teeth as a drummer in a metal band, honing his talents in rock, punk and pop bands, the one-man powerhouse behind Grand Nights was ready to take to the centre stage and exhibit his heart-in-throat lyrics that amplify in visceralism to the tune of his panoramically immersive melodies.

With his EP, South of Everything, in the pipeline, there has never been a better time to implant Grand Nights on your radar.

Start the descent with Falling, by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Can’t Let You Go: AR Santiago wonders why this dreamy romance didn’t work out on Falling

Taken off her soaring 3-track EP called #SadGirlHours, AR Santiago wanted to fly high with her previous lover but got tired of the call dodging and blatant lies on her hot new single called Falling.

AR Santiago is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based RnB singer-songwriter who has an enduring style that shall probably sweep you off your feet.

This song was very personal to me. I wrote it 5 years ago about an affair I had with someone who unbeknownst to me had a girlfriend. I speak about how infatuated I was and how I saw the signs but, I was naïve.” ~ AR Santiago

Sensing the energy shift that took place rather suddenly, AR Santiago is at her natural best and delivers when the heartbroken needed it most. With a glorious vocal ability and a smooth production that might send you into a different galaxy, this is something rather special from a hugely skilled creative only getting better.

Falling from Pennsylvania-based RnB singer-songwriter AR Santiago is a song that you will probably find unforgettable. With classy vocals lathered all over this introspective story-made for those who have been cruelly let down-feeling rather emotional about a past love will come rather easily here.

Sung with a genuine passion and massive gusto, this is a song with an actual message to truly ponder if you have felt this empty feeling before.

Hear this honest new release on Spotify and see more via her Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Arkansas-based EDM/Pop artist Kn0x feels like everything is so surreal on, ‘Falling’ (feat. Dropgun)

After taking his time to find that sound which he knew felt just right, Kn0x senses that this could be the love that he has been waiting for on his latest speaker-shaking release, ‘Falling(feat. Dropgun).

Kn0x is an El Dorado, Arkansas-based EDM/Pop solo artist who keeps on evolving frequently and isn’t afraid to change what he is doing if it wasn’t working before.

Simmering so beautifully with a spectacular single that has your mind engrossed like a happy camper who has just seen your soulmate, Kn0x drops a track that will have you reaching for the stars and never giving up no matter what pesky obstacles shall come your way. There is a really cultivated production with a punchy vibe on offer, that seems to flow all over your ravenous heart.

Falling(feat. Dropgun) from El Dorado, Arkansas-based EDM/Pop solo artist Kn0x, is a single that has you looking inside your gut to see which path you should head romantically. There is a true story here for us to learn from about always going for the flow, and never forcing anything that isn’t natural into your system. Sung with a gushing atmosphere and with a beat so tasty you might want to munch on it all night, this is a stunning single that brings you so much joyous emotion.

Love can be so simple if you let it.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drifting Down: Young Lafferty, Ohio producer/rapper BQpid badly wants to stop ‘Falling’

With a glistening beat that swirls into your body like an enthralling ride at a thrilling water park, BQpid drops down with a terrific new track to make you think about life deeply on ‘Falling‘.

Nathan Brown aka BQpid is a seventeen year-old small-town, highly-motivated underground Lafferty, Ohio producer and trap rapper. He makes that striking new school music that shows you into the mind of a young artist with so much potential, trying hard to stay afloat and evolve in this strange world.

He raps with such an intensely inspirational tone, he opens the door in and we look inside to see his emotions on a tiny thread from that elusive love that he seeks, the temptation is there but he knows that it must be avoided at all costs.

With a simply fine beat that soothes your mood, you nod your head along as this song takes you to a reflective place in your mind, that you have felt deeply before.

Falling‘ from the emerging Lafferty rapper BQpid, gravitates through like a lost memory in your mind that weighs you down and has you drifting to a place that you don’t want to be at. The world can be crazy and selfish people who are supposed to be friends can tie their worries around you that has you distracted, from where your dreams are supposed to actually take you.

Stream this top track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NEEKOH sings of heartbreak on his re-inventive ‘Falling’

NEEKOH return with their brand new top song with ‘Falling‘.

Made in Finland, revamped in New Zealand. A divorce from a relationship of 12 years urged NEEKOH to take a break of his celebrity status in Finland to re-create himself. The conclusion of the hiatus was that only way going forward is being brutally honest and personal in his songwriting. Meanwhile, falling in love encouraged him to move to the other side of the world. It was time for a change. After moving to New Zealand, the Finnish artist NEEKOH, one-name performance moniker of Niko Helenius, decided to write about the break-up and a new-found love.

The upcoming EP ‘Dark Light’ about love, sex and heartache is set to be released early 2021. He has come a long way musically as well as geographically since Finland’s Pop Idol finalist 2014.

This is a love song for the ages. The pain in the voice is for all to see and melodies are of heartbreak. You love someone so much and will they love you back is the question. NEEKOH brings us a lovely track here with ‘Falling‘.

Stream here on Soundcloud.

Click here for the Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen