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Folk ballads and more: Fairweather Friends release their new single Where the River Flows

With two EP’s already making their appearance on Spotify, Fairweather Friends have released their new single Where the River Flows.

Calm and sweet tones characterise this folk ballad with a pinch of pop-ness here and there. The song develops entirely on the thick sound of a piano the spreads over the entire sound landscape, while an acoustic guitar gently strums in the background.

Starting with warm vocals, the song evolves in the choruses with more backing vocals in a choir style for a soft and gentle harmony soothingly accompanied by the violin.

You may want to give Fairweather Friends a full listen, and I suggest you start with their previous I Don’t Want to Know/Up in the Air and Easiness and I/Making Ends Meet before checking out Where the River Flows on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.