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Siirus – Outta Sight: Hypnotically Rhythmic South African Hip Hop

As a teaser to their debut mixtape Al Pacino, up and coming South African Hip Hop artist Siirus dropped their melodically entrancing track Outta Sight.

Thanks to the hypnotically intricate rhythms, dynamic Rap bars, and the nuanced exotic kick, Outta Sight will leave you energetically arrested.

With so many artists on the airwaves, it can be almost impossible for breaking artists to set themselves apart with distinction. But Siirus perceptibly succeeded with Outta Sight. The groove, the layers of personality and the deft execution on the production all ensure that Outta Sight is a radio-ready hit.

You can check out Siirus’ track Outta Sight for yourselves via Spotify. From May 28th you’ll also be able to listen to their mixtape Al Pacino.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bobby Royale – Bare Knuckle Dance Move: Fiery-Fresh Exotically Danceable Hip Hop

Bobby Royale has dropped their most grooving, energetically blazing Hip Hop track to date with “Bare Knuckle Dance Move”.  You’ll be hooked from the first entrancing notes in the Funk-soaked feat of exotically rhythmic Alt Hip Hop.

Bobby Royale’s bars effortlessly match the visceral super-charged energy which you’ll find in the instrumentals courtesy of the sun-soaked blasts of Sax around the inventively ingenious Hip Hop beats.

The up and coming artist certainly didn’t hold back on the experimentalism in Bare Knuckle Dance Move, but there’s absolutely no compromise to the accessibility. I’ve not been as excited by the beats in a Hip Hop track since I discovered That Handsome Devil. It has every potential to become a viral track.

You can check out Bobby Royale’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now, or you can

Review by Amelia Vandergast