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Empty Parking Lot

Revel in the melancholic petrichor of Ludvik Langholm’s intimate lo-fi pop single, Empty Parking Lot

In Ludvik Langholm’s latest single, Empty Parking Lot, the intimacy of indie pop meets the raw elements of nature to create an aching auditory experience, born from the torment of introspection.

The Leeds, UK-based Norwegian artist plunges listeners into a stormy emotional landscape that mirrors the turbulent weather it sonically captures. Crafted with the lo-fi charm of bedroom pop, Empty Parking Lot occupies a stylistic nexus akin to Neutral Milk Hotel’s artistry and Mitski’s expressive depth. The track’s lush, ethereal textures and deliberate distortions evoke the sensation of a warped tape deck, producing hauntingly personal aesthetics.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of influences, including his queer and neurodiverse perspectives, Langholm layers instrumental and vocal melodies that convey complex emotional states. The song’s narrative explores the challenge of supporting a friend through difficulty, balancing the act of giving space with the desire to offer comfort. The incorporation of rain sounds and the rhythmic swiping of windscreen wipers immerse the listener in the scene, deepening the connection to the song’s themes.

As Empty Parking Lot builds to its close, the eerie harmony of layered modulated voices takes centre stage, embodying the haunting aftermath of loss. In this track, Ludvik Langholm successfully captures the essence of vulnerability and the poignant beauty of human connection.

Ludvik Langholm released Empty Parking Lot on May 2nd; stream the single on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast