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Back At Home: Jamie Kudo awaits that special moment again on debut Supernova

Knowing that their love will be strong forever despite the distance, Jamie Kudo shows us an indisputably quality release via his debut single to take your heart for a flight on Supernova.

Jamie Kudo aka Sid aka Siddharth Bhambure is a 20-year-old London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes those emotional songs from his bedroom.

This track is like the first sip of whiskey that you drink taking off on a plane headed to a place you don’t know for two, maybe
three or four years, looking out and watching your city get smaller in the distance.” ~ Jamie Kudo

Showing so much potential that is brimmed with a real vocal brilliance, Jamie Kudo reaches up to the sky and would climb up mountains for this special human who he treasures so warmly. With intricate lyrics that grab your attention rather swiftly, this is a delightful song to play loud when you need some reassurance that all will be okay when you’re finally together.

Supernova from the Mumbai, India-born, London, UK-based pop artist Jamie Kudo is a rather wonderful song that will have you thinking so deeply about missing someone special so much. Craving that genuine connection, tender touch and showing what it takes to be love sometimes, this is a stunning experience that will take you for a real ride and help you see so much clearer.

Sung with a magnetic appeal, this is a hugely promising debut that shall open your mind up to long-lasting possibilities.

Hear this deep song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chasing Shadows: October Brigade look above for inspiration on ‘Better Angels’ (feat. Liel Bar-Z)

As they look desperately for a way back from the dark thoughts of sadness, October Brigade return to courageously look for their hero on the stunning new single ‘Better Angels(feat. Liel Bar-Z).

October Brigade is an experienced Chicago duo featuring Eric McLear and Jerome Cunningham. They make that funky techno emotional music which has your body wrapped in healing energy, as you look to step over the rocky road and find safe ground again.

This is the story about heartbreak and the struggle to climb over the mountain and to return to your peace again. You have dealt with so much pain and just want to happy inside your heart. The time to be alone is tiring and there are so many thoughts in your mind — memories to be forgotten — as you shovel the cold snow away from your mind for good.

The electronic production is a stunning escape from it all, as her excellent vocals shine over like warm sun after a cold day, the heat keeps you motivated and looking beyond the cloudy hill of before.

Better Angels’ (feat. Liel Bar-Z) from Chicago electronic duo October Brigade, is a top single that has you in awe, as the sad undertone really connects with you heart as the past pain comes to light again. This is a song for anyone who is looking for a way out of the locked door they have created for themselves — as you break it down to see better days again — with a clear head of motivation to overcome it all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see the IG for more music release news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lauren Murray is excellent on her R&B-coated debut ‘Emotional’

Singer-songwriter Lauren Murray is excellent on her R&B-coated debut ‘Emotional‘ and sings with such soul.

Released through Bandicoot Studios, this R&B-Jazz number with droplets of beauty makes today seem so much better. Lauren has that voice that makes you listen twice.

Lauren Murray’sEmotional‘ is a real song about letting things go even if you don’t want to right now. Things have changed so quick and trust evaporated, just like that. You know you need to heal up and this stunning song will help anyone with that emotional state that has come up, when you least expected it.

Emotional‘ from Lauren Murray is a brilliant song that shows this singer’s wonderfully crafted sultry voice. The pain from this breakup is strewn into her lyrics, the powerful sounds never become too much to the listener. This is all natural from a new talent that has given us a debut to truly think about.

Click here to watch the video.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Danny E & Liv-Tyde deliver an emotional pop ballad: Time To Say Goodbye

UK producer Danny E teams up with singer Liv-Tyde to deliver an emotional pop ballad Time To Say Goodbye.

Based on a multitude of synths that spread over the whole arrangement varying from keyboards, to pads, to choirs, Time To Say Goodbye is a heartfelt dedication to anybody who’s lost a special person and takes you through the emotional discomfort of having to deal with their absence.

The song is brought to life by Liv-Tyde’s powerful vocals that add on an ulterior emphasis to the sensitive theme.

Time To Say Goodbye comes as a hymn during the times of Corona virus and its tragic losses – it’s a perfect tune to ease ourselves out of the pain the current pandemic is causing us and the people who are suffering from the loss a loved one.

You can listen to Time To Say Goodbye for yourself on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.

Hemi Moore releases new single 365: Filled with pure emotion and incredible vocals

Such a mesmerising single by artist Hemi Moore, ‘365’ is his latest one to date and it’s definitely one that deserves to be noticed.

With a combination of Pop and Soul this track takes you on a journey through just how powerful acoustic versions of music are, it strips it back, it’s just the artist and their chosen instrument. It gives you an insight into just how they sound as themselves and that’s what Hemi Moore has done, his vocal ranges are so soothing, he keeps it at a steady pace but is not afraid to stretch his voice that little bit higher.

Sounding similar to those like James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi, Hemi creates this steady yet truly mesmerising song, gripping you in with his gravelly vocals. Using the instruments to his advantage, being a violin and a piano gives it, it’s soul sound.

When you listen to it you can tell that there’s this overpowering use of emotion, which embraces the tone of voice, but that’s what makes this song so special, it makes you connect to it more. Hemi Moore has created an amazing track and we can’t wait to see what he gets up to next.

Listen to Hemi Moore’s latest track by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

David Ryan Releases A Heartfelt Song ‘My Love’

David Ryan is a singer and songwriter with a really unique approach.

His music can be considered intimate and emotional, yet there is a lot of energy that goes behind his approach and vision. David’s recent single, My Love, is a heartfelt song with romantic lyrics and edgy vibes, which truly showcases the artist’s driven attitude. Although David makes music that sounds familiar in a sense, he does not comply with the typical cliches of the genre, choosing instead to develop a unique tone and a very special vision.

The result? total focus on the music itself! On “My Love”, the vibes are just spot on. This track is a little gem with all the right feels in the right places. Down to the meticulously arranged melodies, I am particularly impressed by the attentive approach to production. This song is romantic, yet no trite. Energetic, yet not basic…just the perfect balance.

Timi Alexander releases highly emotional track ‘The Ballad of a Keg Heart’

The Ballad of a Keg Heart is a new single from artist Timi Alexander. This singer/songwriter has a nice edge to his music, with a sound that could instantly be described as classy, elegant and understated. The song immediately starts with a nice electric piano groove, going for a mellow vibe that flirts with soft jazz. Timi’s vocals hit soon after. Quite remarkably, Timi has an amazing vocal range that truly matches the width of his piano playing.

This track is highly emotional, showcasing the singer’s full spectrum of tones. His voice can be delicate and soft as needed, but also loud and present, depending on the moment. Inspired by the greatest pop and R&B singers of all times, this talented performer truly managed to capture a stunning performance on this song.

The way the beat kicks in after 3 minutes is truly stunning: when you though the song was not going to change from a piano/vocals arrangement, here is a whole new sonic depth, full of punchy grooves and instinctual vocals.