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Emerald Dream release latest Rock single Acheron Galaxy

Infusing that old school Rock essence through the latest piece ‘Acheron Galaxy’ by Emerald Dream, it’s manic, it’s loud and it’s an insane piece of music.

Starting off with the thunderous shreds on the guitar, adding in that hard-hitting drum beat as the instrumentation serves pure loudness as the volume is amped up and everything becomes a bit more chaotic, adding in a fast pace tap on the piano keys to intertwine with the melody.

Everything about this piece gives the lovers of Rock and Roll what they want, the vocals have a gruff sounding tone to them, speeding up a lot as the tune on the piano keys gets faster and faster, than dragging out the instrumentation and the vocals to create that suspenseful rhythm as everything kicks back into full volume, insane guitar solos, the forceful band on the drum and hitting every piano key perfectly, everything joining together in the best way.

Now if you haven’t checked this one out by Emerald Dream then you must.

Listen to Acheron Galaxy by Emerald Dream by heading on over to Youtube now.

Review by Karley Myall