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Disguised As An Artist: EM$o feels like he might end up dying alone on The $urvivor

Taken off his debut 9-track album called Differences, EM$o knows he has lost the faith and might actually be a villain after all on The $urvivor.

EM$o (pronounced EMSO) aka Emanuel Santos is a Switzerland-born indie hip hop artist who has emerged from the depths of darkness where poisonous snakes hide away inside.

Grew up among these circumstances where drug abuse, drug trafficking, stabbings and robbing’s were common. His parents, being both hard working Portuguese foreigners, tried to protect EMSO from moving further away from the city, but always staying in the region because of their jobs.” ~ EM$o

Displaying grit and tenacity to break away from a life that would not last too long, EM$o opens up his notebook and shows us a scribble or two from someone who almost died. Scratching on the surface and wondering if his soul is doomed for its sins, you will find yourself so compelled by this movie-like voyage.

After 3 years of constant stress and anxiety of being caught by the authorities or killed by rival gang members, he stopped that type of lifestyle and moved on, investing into music, where he started rapping and producing music in 2016.” ~ EM$o

The $urvivor from Switzerland-born indie hip hop artist EM$o is a raw track that shall strike your soul in exactly the place you needed it. Guiding us through his life that almost had him six feet under, this is a song to truly appreciate for its honesty. Showing us how he rose from the darkest hour, there is so much strength in this message that will hopefully inspire many to claw out of any adversity.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen