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Time Stood Still: Emanuel Harrold feels the love on the superb I Think (feat. Gregory Porter)

I Think (feat. Gregory Porter) by Emanuel Harrold

Knowing that the first impression was so vivid and beautiful for eternity, Emanuel Harrold just wants to hear that special word that shall open up so much happiness on I Think (feat. Gregory Porter).

Emanuel Harrold is a St. Louis, Missouri-based indie jazz drummer, music producer and music writer who creates those clap-loud songs you can’t help but love.

Joining forces so smoothly after touring together, Emanuel Harrold and Gregory Porter show us what that intimate romance should feel like and are rather outstanding on this modern day classic to embrace with.

Hopeful of romance to blossom again, we find a melody so sweet and lyrics so honest, to take us all into that first date scenario when everything is so fondly remembered.

I Think (feat. Gregory Porter) from St. Louis, Missouri-based indie jazz drummer Emanuel Harrold is a lovely song that will get your fingers clicking and those feet stepping rather briskly again. Filled with a peaceful wonder and so much goodness, this is a special song to rejoice with as there is just pure brilliance on offer and incredibly smooth vocals to turn up louder.

When you feel your heart doing backflips, you know that it’s real.

Listen up on Bandcamp and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen