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Spotlight Feature: ELZON broadened the alt-RnB hip-hop horizon with his psychedelic trip of a hit, ‘expensive dreams’

ELZON redefined the boundaries of alt-RnB and hip-hop with his latest single, expensive dreams. The London-based artist, known for his rich cultural background and boundary-pushing music, delivered a scintillatingly serene installation of hypnotic innovation which begins with a visionary overture that lures listeners into transcendence, where dreamy 8-bit tones meld seamlessly with cloud rap influences.

The track is a kaleidoscope of cultivation, opening a portal to unrestrained artistic expression. As the song progresses, it builds towards a mesmerising mid-section, characterised by ethereal falsettos reminiscent of The Weeknd’s early work. This shift in tone, akin to a record player hitting play on a fresh LP, elevates the track into a crescendo that injects subtle intensity and speaks of ELZON’s status as a revered pioneer who is well on his way to becoming a viral sensation.

Produced between London and Manchester, with the signature touches of Elliot Taylor and Blamebrazy, expensive dreams is a testament to ELZON’s relentless pursuit of pushing leftfield sounds into the mainstream.

ELZON describes the track as a “psychedelically experimental rap/RnB track inspired by Frank Ocean and Lucki, featuring cloud rap-influenced instrumentals and Blond-esque pitched vocals”. This fusion creates a lush soundscape of surreal serenity that speaks to the senses louder with every listen.

ELZON’s journey from his early days making music in his bedroom to collaborating with Grammy-nominated producers attests to his talent and dedication, which the airwaves will see more of later this year when he unleashes his art PUNK mixtape.

Stream expensive dreams on Spotify, and follow ELZON on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ELZON earned a place in the RnB pantheon with his organically experimental playlist staple, Is He Home

After an extended intro of tripped-out Latin guitars, the standout single, Is He Home, from ELZON’s debut EP, C U SOON, kicks right into the early 2000s-inspired alt-RnB grooves to pull you under the wavy melodies that don’t ask for permission before crashing into your soul.

The London-based rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer’s talent in crafting immersive soundscapes is only one facet of his talent; his ability to tune into experimentalism with organically rich panache is another. Vocally, there are few artists with as much honey in their harmonies; with his seminal single, Is He Home, the originator earned a place in the pantheon of songwriters alongside the Weeknd, Justin Timberlake and the King of Pop himself. As for the colour in his melodies, you couldn’t ask for a more hypnotic kaleidoscope to sonically gaze into.

Before making his debut, ELZON cut his teeth in the industry by penning songs for other artists, working alongside the likes of the Grammy-nominated producer Ammar Junedi and the underground luminary CASSO. After the launch of his critically acclaimed EP, ELZON graced several editorial playlists including New Music Friday UK, Channel X, and Mood; the RnB crooner is clearly on the rise, join him on his ascent by sinking into Is He Home, which is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast