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Lucid A Releases Effortless Rap Track “Blessed”

But really does a rapper need to make a truly great album before he’s considered one of the best Emcees?

Well, without wrying, I’d like to make it known to all that Lucid-A brings forth a pack full of absolute technical brilliance to this song. While most rappers are good with the flows and punch lines, a few others like Lucid-A have a unique ability to recognise awesome beats and make very good use of it. The structure of this song is lit and crunchy.

Literally, just like Pharrell’s – ‘happy’ this piece can also be likened to an everyday people’s song. The flow of the lines and the way Lucid raps in this song comes off so naturally and effortless to a fault.

A sense of pure gratitude overwhelms “Blessed” this, in turn, made this beautiful work from this artiste come off as an appealing versatile song. It can be a personal motivational happy mood song or even a gospel in whatever way you’d like to look at it.

You will be thrilled when you get to listen to “Blessed” because it comes with a rather different vibe that’s rooted in the music genre of hip-hop rap music. This song also comes with no reference to the customary F*** and B*** phrases that are always littered in the lyrics of 99% of rap and hip-hop songs.

This is a very interesting and nice song which everyone can sing along to with much excitement. I would recommend this song to anyone any day because it’s that good.