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‘Cigarettes et rosé’ from Elise Boulanger is just incredible for the ears

With the start that sounds kinda like Game of Thrones, you just know that this is going to be cinematic and gloriously sung. It is. ‘Cigarettes et rosé‘ from Elise Boulanger is the new and powerful single from this Canadian-born singer and more.

With over 15 years in the music game, Elise Boulanger is a sweet singer that has an aura of orchestral instrumentation. Hailing from Canada, this charming chamber-folk-pop artist completely captivates audiences with her haunting avalanche of a vibrant voice. She is a bilingual multi-instrumentalist and composer that creates cinematic dreamscapes. with cello, violin, piano, drums and ukulele sounds that make this song so special. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful and this is a music that is off the top shelf. The way the song changes so quickly shows that this is a musician like no other.

Cigarettes et rosé‘ is an energetically percussive anthem of silly French happenings alluding to history and the importance of trusting people. While living in France, Elise observed that, “people wouldn’t trust others to come into their homes. Thus, they would avoid having at-home gatherings. This absolutely fascinated me, especially given that Canadians are so welcoming and accepting.”

This is a fascinating story, the song is full of different instruments and they wave in, you feel the goodness here and the meaning behind the song. This is a lovely anthem and you can tell that lots of time was put in here, this is quite glorious to listen to.

Cigarettes et rosé‘ from Elise Boulanger is the new and powerful single from the Canadian-born singer who impresses so much here. This is music that probably will be played loud and over and over again, this is a gem.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen