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Check out ‘Hold Onto My Arm’ from Elias Reitz’s Release Totally Soaked!

Totally Soaked! by Elias Reitz

“Hold Onto My Arm” is a new release by Oakland-based songwriter and performer Elias Reitz.

The track is featured on Elias’ recent release, “Totally Soaked!” and it portrays a unique texture of experimental music, with a broad and eclectic approach.

On “Hold Onto My Arm”, Elias set out to create a dreamy, nearly psychedelic atmosphere with some folk influences, reminding me of the work of artists such as Mac De Marco or Kurt Vile & The Violators, just to mention a few. The acoustic guitar cut gently through a blanked of deep atmospheric textures, marking a very special set of sonic aesthetics.

The production is direct and understated, with a pleasant lo-fi vibe that still retains a lot of clarity.

“Totally Soaked!” is also available as a limited edition cassette tape released, printed in only 200 copies and featuring some stunning original artworks!