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Surfing The Stratosphere: Queens, NY-based Elevated Focusion breathtakingly boosts our mindsets forever on brilliant interview

Watching from below and moving on from Jonny Rythmns and keeping it rather experimental all the way, Elevated Focusion flows into our lives and illuminates a ray of hope for us all. We find out more in an exclusive interview that can’t be ignored with streetwear added in to make things extra intriguing.

Llewelyn: We appreciate you joining us Elevated Focusion. Firstly, we love your artist name. Where did it come from and what is the story behind it?

Elevated Focusion: Elevated Focusion is the moment where an idea and the execution come together. Counter culture. not being complacent. trying to break the mold. going against the grain

Llewelyn: Please tell us more about your debut album and release of the clothing line?

Elevated Focusion: The self-titled debut album is a genre-bending album in June 2023 that will combine his love for New York culture and all genres of music. It’s a mixed bag from of all my musical and cultural influences as well as life experiences.

Growing up in New York in the 90s, I was a huge fan of the creativity in the graffiti characters in NYC street fashion. The body art in 80s/90s horror always captivated me as well. In addition, I grew up watching trippy cartoons like The Ren & Stimpy Show and Duckman. I love science fiction, and tatoo art always fascinated me. With the Elevated Focusion clothing line, I really wanted to take all of my childhood influences and combine them with the creativity of NYC graffiti and streetwear fashion.

Llewelyn: Jonny Rythmns. That was your artist name before. Please detail the change and what made you rebrand?

Elevated Focusion: I used the name Jonny Rythmns when I made instrumental music on my synthesizer keyboard. All of this music was created during 2001-2004. It is 100% instrumental music made up of hip-hop beats, music for video games, trippy music, concept albums, new age music, experimental music, sci-fi soundtrack, and space music.

In 2022, during quarantine, I decided to release all my old music under the name Jonny Rythmns. The first Jonny Rythmns’ release was my most experimental album called Elevated Focusion.

I chose Elevated Focusion to be my name going forward as it represents who I want to be as an artist, whether in experimental electronic music or as a streetwear clothing brand. My goal with the Elevated Focusion brand is to unite my love for all different genres and art styles through eclectic music and alternative fashion in collaboration with various artists.

Llewelyn: Is there a particular series you’d like to be in or perhaps a movie franchise?

Elevated Focusion: I would love to make music for any kind of movie or TV. But I personally love Horror, Drama, and Sci Fi.

Llewelyn: Experimental electronic music is your game. Why do you love it so much and how did you get into it? Was it through a live show or just exploring different genres?

Elevated Focusion: I really do love every genre of music and I like to make people dance. I’m also a bit of a weirdo. Experimental electronic music just called to me I guess.

Llewelyn: How would you describe your music to someone who’d just arrived from another galaxy?

Elevated Focusion: The Elevated Focusion album is a soundtrack to my life. It is everything I have felt emotionally and experienced physically. It is my life. It is my mind. And it is New York as seen through my eyes.

Llewelyn: Queens, NY. What’s it like there? Some really famous artists are from your home town. Is the music culture alive and kicking like you want it to be?

Elevated Focusion: Queens is the most culturally diverse place in the world. From people to sounds to food and beyond. There is also a mix of darkness, danger, and depression which has heavily influenced my lyrics on the album.

Llewelyn: Lastly, who do you make music for and who inspires you every day?

Elevated Focusion: This is a passion project for me so I make music in whatever way I feel inspired. A lot of love goes into every song. I created this project to reach open-minded people who are looking for something different.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Grab a Seat: Elevated Focusion embraced the future of fusionism with his alt-electro hit, Tabla Tea Party

The Queens, NY electronica pioneer Elevated Focusion, AKA Johnny Rhythms, caused a solid eight on the Richter scale by dropping his ground-breaking fusionist LP, featuring the standout single, Tabla Tea Party.

The rocksteady release became the ultimate celebration of the vibrant culture in NY by stitching a tapestry of contrasting facets of counterculture against each other to create a galvanic forcefield of friction your rhythmic pulses won’t want to resist.

With East Coast hip-hop and afrobeat bringing the danceable rhythm and the vocal lines breaking the monocultural mould while lavishing the soundscape with rock n roll attitude and soul, every new progression in Tabla Tea Party is a sonic revelation.

By putting mixing and mastering in the hands of Chris Conway, who worked on every LP that inspired the Elevated Focusion project, the East Coast flavour packs a mouth-watering punch; grab your seat at the Tabla Tea Party while the hype is hot.

Stream Tabla Tea Party with the rest of Elevated Focusion’s eponymous LP on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast