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Beats collided with raw, unbridled energy in DJ Lennon Mercury & Belle’s EDM collab, Midnight

Midnight” by DJ Lennon Mercury featuring Belle is a relentless force. This single, crafted by the masterful hands of DJ Lennon Mercury and penned by the Grammy-winning Belle, redefines the boundaries of EDM with its raw, unbridled energy.

From the get-go, “Midnight” grabs you by the soul. The hard-hitting hard house rhythms are merciless, seizing your rhythmic pulses and refusing to let go. The production is slick, a glossy testament to what the future of EDM can and should be. Belle’s vocals don’t just ride the beats; they electrify them, matching the high-octane, infectious intensity that’s set to dominate airwaves and devour dancefloors.

Picture the wild, unapologetic spirit of Icona Pop’s collaboration with Charlie XCX, then crank it up with hardstyle steroids – that’s the explosive vibe DJ Lennon Mercury has unleashed. Belle, with her history of lighting up stages worldwide, injects a raw, emotional depth into the track.

DJ Lennon Mercury, a maestro of the EDM scene, brings his signature blend of innovation to “Midnight.” Known for shaking up charts and crafting soundscapes that defy convention, his production on this track is a bold statement in a genre that thrives on the cutting edge.

Midnight stormed the airwaves on March 15; stream the single on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast