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Manif – Not Expected: Unimposingly Immersive Ambient Techno

UK artist and producer Jon Turner has hit the airwaves under many guises, under his latest moniker, Manif, he’s paid an ode to his own authenticity. Their latest standout track ‘Not Expected’ is a hypnotic blend of unimposingly immersive ambient techno, dubstep and house.

The glitchy beats along with the flurries of light keys ensure that the production will ensnare you right from the intro. From there on out, you’re in for a tantalising ride as Manif takes hold of your rhythmic pulses and uses them to guide you through a sonically cosmic mix which oozes entrancement.

With no lyrics to detract away from the efficaciousness of the progressions, Not Expected is the perfect mix to slip into if you don’t want to be completely in control of your consciousness.

You can check out Not Expected via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast