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Immerse yourselves in the radiant catharsis of Sound Animal’s ambient instrumental score, Dew of the Sea

“Dew of the Sea” is just one of the recently released instantly arresting ambient singles from the avant-garde US artist Sound Animal. Despite its quiescence, the panoramic release feels just as titanic as, well, Titanic.

Within the transient waves that pulsate with celestial timbre spilling from them, there are smoky jazz timbres that come up for air between the crescendos. Towards the outro, the intensity and urgency amplify – just don’t forget to breathe.

This stunning electro-acoustic score was orchestrated on an eclectic range of instruments, such as flutes, melodica, harmonica and a dulcimer played with a violin bow, giving the soundscape an organically meditative feel with just the slightest nuance of folk while being the epitome of radiant catharsis.

You can immerse yourselves in Dew of the Sea by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast