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Revel in Saint Imago’s polyphonically colourful electro-RnB paradise, Pink Population

With a voice you immediately warm to and polyphonic synth melodies that turn up the heat even further, Saint Imago’s latest single, Pink Population, is one you can’t help but be affectionately arrested by.

The hazy experimental amalgam of electronica and RnB takes you on a meander through Saint Imago’s intimate emotions; Pink Population is a hotbed of honesty, expressed fear, and artfully 80s gravitas.

It’s a promising release from an eclectically diverse artist that is exemplary in his authenticity. We can’t wait to hear the next installation of his playful sonic affability. God knows he’s a refreshing break from the ego-driven.

Pink Population is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast