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Spotlight Feature: Madam Who? Has riotously returned with her pop-hooked and rock-licked electro-clash earworm, Peter Meter

Electro-pop-rock meets hip-hop in the latest single, Peter Meter, by the indomitable visionary, who always favours the bold and rejects the mundane to empower others through the electricity in her eccentric expressionism, Madam Who? In her rap verses, the trailblazing sonic mould-breaker gives all the ensnaring electro-clash energy of Peaches before the track descends into a Garbage-esque alt-90s earworm in the choruses to deliver the ultimate liberating anthem.

The larger-than-life vignette of how her Grandma Rita used to absolve her of her boy troubles took Madam Who? 20 years to write, but now it has arrived, complete with a fully characterised music video and a quirkiness akin to the B-52s, we can all drink in the sage wisdom, which you may not want to follow to the T, but one thing is definitive about this track, it will riotously shake every ounce of ennui out of you.

After overcoming brain cancer, Madam Who? Has remained relentless on her mission to defy expectations and verse for the underdogs. In 2023, her debut EP, Reclaim Your Power, caught the attention of Good Morning America, and her story aired to 1.7 million viewers. Now that Peter Meter is on the airwaves, the Maryland-residing singer-songwriter is set to spill more serotonin and uplift countless people from their minor and major tribulations.

The official music video for Peter Meter premiered on January 19th; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The enigmatic outfit FAERYS has brought in the new era of electro-pop-rock with their debut single, Nova Scotia

The enigmatic electronic rock outfit, FAERYS, may be keeping their identity under wraps for now, but there’s no containing the hype that has amassed around their storming juggernaut of a debut single, Nova Scotia.

With a touch of Black Honey and She Drew the Gun to the electronic rock reinvention, Nova Scotia delivered a riff-rife rock hit that has left an international audience clamouring all over it – and for good reason.

Between the precision of the songwriting, the polished production, the hooky female pop vox contrasting the slick rap bars and the anthemic energy that oozes from the larger-than-life hit that embraces the future and sonically sucker punches it, there was no room for improvement, and how often can you say that about a debut?

Something (everything) tells us that FAERYS is comprised of a band of industry veterans who have banded together to bring in the new era of electro-pop-rock.

Nova Scotia launched on the 25th of August, hear it on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Follow FAERYS on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast