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Brooke Lanziner – Creep on Back: Conceptually Captivating Electro-Acoustic

Creep on Back was the first single released by Toronto based singer songwriter Brooke Lanziner. Her ethereally domineering style isn’t one that’s easily comparable to many acts on the scene to date, and it’s safe to say she hasn’t followed the lead of every other female solo artist out there. There’s no hint of nativity in the lyricism, her vocals flowed as empowering, sultry and utterly sublime. Yet, whilst I absolutely loved the sentiment behind this track, the production quality made it a little too difficult to enjoy the sound. I have no doubt that Brooke Lanziner has a blissfully concordant ability when it comes to her vocal arrangements and chord progressions, yet sadly they didn’t register through the Lo Fi recording. Which, I’m usually all for, however with such a huge, impounding, passion-driven sound it was hard for her viscerally piercing style to register through the recording.

I would love to hear more in the future from Brooke Lanziner; Creep on Back still stood as a testament to the up and coming artists resounding style.

You can check out Creep on Back for yourselves now by heading over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast