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Always be hungrier than you: EEETEE rises up through the stifling heat of the street on ‘Crazy Mutha-Fucka’

Featuring a hungry flow which has that real spark of someone who has really lived,¬†EEETEE tells us the ultimate underdog story of never giving up no matter what the obstacle on ‘Crazy Mutha-Fucka‘.

EEETEE is an enlightened hip-hop artist based in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. He creates that real rap sound that is born from moving around a lot as a kid and surviving the wild streets to make ends meet.

Now thriving on the roster of Slap Box Music Group, you can feel him turning things around to reach his goals through his witty lyricism and honest portrayal of life as he sees it.

The wild stories of the movie-like street life and doing things you wouldn’t do now just to survive ring true, with the lights sometimes startling and blue, his world seemed like it was going downhill but he stayed on the music path and never regrets it.

He never deviated from his belief and this separates the nearly-men telling half-true stories from some dingy bar to drunken ears of the half-listening, to the ones that actually pushed through to make it happen. Whether through some luck or persistence, all that matters is that the goal is on the way to the back of the net and not in the stands.

Crazy Mutha-Fucka‘ from motivated South Florida emcee EEETEE, is that lighter spark in your mind that shows you that you can win when you are down and low, that special angel came into your life and guided to you where you needed to be, opening up doors to other good souls to embrace you.

No matter what happened in the past and how crazy you have been told you are, getting to where you need to be is possible if you try and never give up. Your vision lifts you up through the smokey fog to take you to that peaceful place where you can be in the zone and feel at home.

Hear this street banger on Soundcloud and see more of his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen