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Know My Name: edword evwrit does spins inside our eardrums on Over 9000 (feat. Rayphonic and Toscason)

Reminding many of the current heavyweights who have taken over the rap game, edword evwrit knows he is good and shows the world that ultimate self-confidence on Over 9000 (feat. Rayphonic and Toscason).

edword evwrit is a San Francisco Bay Area-based indie hip-hop artist who works together with his brother/producer Rayphonic.

Growing up with a large family and foundation he knows how to access and distribute the many sentiments any one person might feel.” ~ edword evwrit

Formally a member of both Liquor Mouth and Lunaclick, edword evwrit rips through our delicate headphones and delivers a dynamite-packed performance. Sensing his time is now, we are introduced to a knife-like lyrical output which shall lace up the boots of those street soldiers who are ready to dominate the day.

Over 9000 (feat. Rayphonic and Toscason) from San Francisco Bay Area-based indie hip-hop edword evwrit is a decisive performance from a growing underground legend who is ready to eat with his crew. Lacing down such cutting-edge raps and storming through the clouds with a catchy beat, this is a must-listen for rap fans who like it real to the bone.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Edword Evwrit wants to talk to us ‘Right Now’

Hailing from the Bay Area, California, Edword Evwrit is a solo hip hop artist, as well as a member of both Liquor Mouth and Lunaclick; ‘Right Now’ then is a delicious slab of old-school hip hop, funky and grooving, with a deep, deep pounding bass and a pretty little closed hi-hat pattern keeping everything ticking. At times it’s reminiscent of De La Soul, at others that questioning call-and-response rap style that Eminem does so, so well. There’s moments of ‘The Real Slim Shady’ here, mixed with little bits of ‘Three Feet High and Rising’ and Cube’s ‘Today Was A Good Day’.

Evwrit’s got some gorgeous flow, little double-rhymed couplets, some of the syllables cut up and spat bullet-like, others drawn out and rhythmic, with multiple rhyme patterns and a cute little semi-psychedelic drop at around the two-minute mark making ‘Right Now’ a cut above the average modern hip hop release; Evwrit’s rhyme patterns and intelligent wordplay, coupled with cracking backdrop instrumentation and arrangement, make this a stand-out track. You should check it out. Right now.

Hear ‘Right Now’, and the rest of Edword Evwrit’s album ‘My Brothers And Me’, on Spotify. Follow Evwrit on Facebook or here.

Review by Alex Holmes