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FM Towns has made a hymnic debut with ‘Sleep for Another Year’

The true silver lining of the global pandemic is the number of new releases which offer such resounding resonance to pretty much anyone who hits play. Singer-songwriter and instrumentalist FM Towns’ contribution to the airwaves, ‘Sleep for Another Year,’ validates paralysing morosity and monotony we’ve all endured during lockdown.

The Suffolk-based artist proved with their debut release that hymns aren’t just for faith followers. The timelessly transfixing tones are just as resolving to impious ears, especially when arcane instrumentals ethereally coalesce with strikingly melancholic perfectly-harmonized vocals.

Sleep for Another year was mixed by Grammy-award-winning engineer, Eduardo De La Paz. It would be no surprise if FM Towns came to share that very same level of acclaim during his career. You won’t come across a more promising debut this year.

You can check out FM Towns’ single via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast