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Sydaiya Rehema – Summer: Organically Vibrant Soul-Inspired EDM

Sydaiya Rehema’s latest single ‘Summer’ dropped on August 15th, Summer may be coming to an end, but it’s clear that this is just the beginning for the up and coming sensually evocative recording artist. Whilst the beat carries an eclectic, high-octane punch, Sydaiya Rehema’s smooth vocals rest against the popping digitally rendered beat through absolute synergy. The progression of the R&B-inspired EDM driven beat will grip you as fiercely as the immersivity of the lyricism. There may have already been a myriad of Summer orientated love songs released this year, yet, they don’t get much more organically vibrant than Sydaiya Rehema’s latest release. There’s so much sentimentality packed into the lyricism if it doesn’t move you, it is safe to say that you are dead inside.

You can check out Sydaiya Rehema’s single Summer for yourself by heading across to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast