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Get down with the cognitive sickness with Sarah Sunday’s hypersonic pop-punk hit, all the world is crazy

‘all the world is crazy’ is ironically a sentiment that no one of sane mind could disagree with. When Sarah Sunday used it as the proclamation in her latest hyper pop-punk anthem, she made it impossible for her audience not to get down with the endemic of cognitive sickness.

The future-pop elements around the pop-punk guitar-driven hooks created the EDM evolution that the genre has never known it needed but has silently been crying out for. If any track has what it takes to make the masses shake off the depressing presumption that they’re outliers for feeling suffocated by entropy, it’s the anthemically sticky-sweet triumph.

Her uplifting vocal energy augmenting the lyrics, which cut right to the core of the madness we’ve tried to put our heads in the sand and ignore, ensured all the world is crazy is one of the most seminal anthems of the summer. We utterly adore her.

all the world is crazy was officially released on the 1st of May; stream the aptly zany official music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast